The much awaited and anticipated web series, Suzhal: The Vortex is at last out on the Amazon Prime Video platform, streaming successfully!


Aiswarya Rajesh, R.Parthipen, Shriya Reddy, Shriya Reddy, Kumaravel etc are in the main cast.


Sam C.S. has scored the music.


The theme is set in a small hamlet the main source of employment being a huge Cement Factory where most of the people are employed.


Unrest in the factory pertaining to payment of wages initiates strike proceedings there and the police come in.


Shriya Reddy plays a Circle Inspector while Kathir plays an Inspector.


Aiswarya Rajesh is the eldest daughter of Parthipen whose wife is highly religious and had parted ways with her husband as he is an atheist.

The younger daughter is a school going girl who is in love with the son of Shriya Reddy.


Out of the blue, the factory is set on fire and the blame is placed on Parthipen’s head as he happens to be the Union Leader.


The young lovers try to elope as his mom and her dad are sworn enemies and there is very little scope for them to unite!


Under mysterious circumstances they both are murdered and the police department is forced to take up another investigation.


There are a busload of twists and turns in the plot as the narration unfolds.


The climax is a revelation throwing light on very many intricate knots!


A  sure fire winner on the OTT Platform.