Veetla Vishesham will be a wholesome family entertainer loaded with moments of joy and emotions” – RJ Balaji! 


Family entertainers have played a vital role in uniting families and friends in cinema halls. The realms of this genre are getting revived with RJ Balaji’s Veetla Vishesham, produced by Zee Studios & Bayview Projects LLP Boney Kapoor in Association with Romeo Pictures. With the movie, all set for the worldwide theatrical release on June 17, 2022, actor-director RJ Balaji shares his thoughts about it. 


Actor-Director RJ Balaji said, “Badai Ho is acclaimed as one of the biggest blockbusters in the Hindi industry and it found an immense response among audiences from all walks of life for its entertaining aspects. When we started working on its remake, we were keen about not remaking it, but going for an adaptation to savour the tastes of our regional audiences. I am glad that the entire team of Zee Studios, Boney Kapoor sir, and Raahul of Romeo Pictures are extremely happy with the way, Veetla Vishesham has shaped up. Recently, the Zee studios team members watched the movie in Mumbai, and it was emotionally gleeful to hear their applause through the phone. Veetla Vishesham has endowed our whole crew with more satisfaction. NJ Saravanan has been a strong pillar of this project. He has co-directed the movie and his involvement has escalated the output of the movie. Sathyaraj sir, Urvashi mam, Aparna Balamurali, and everyone in the star cast is the soul of this movie. They have enlivened the entire movie with their stellar performances.” Speaking about the film’s release, RJ Balaji continues to add, “Since Veetla Vishesham is a 100% family entertainer, we wanted to release it after the public exams for 12th and other academic exams are completed. Besides, we wanted this movie to be enjoyed by family and friends, and hence, decided to release it on June 17. Veetla Vishesham will be a wholesome family entertainer loaded with moments of joy and emotions.” 


Veetla Vishesham has a star cast including RJ Balaji, Sathyaraj, Urvashi, Aparna Balamurali, KPAC Lalitha, Pavithra Lokesh, Visvesh & Others. The technicians are Karthik Muthukumar (DOP), Vijayakumar (Art), RJ Balaji (Dialogues), Pa. Vijay (Lyrics), Selva RK (Editing), Girishh Gopalakrishnan (Music), Dinesh (Choreography), Aksat Ghildial-Shantanu Shrivastav (Story), Divya Nagarajan (Costumes), S. Vijay Rathinam MPSE (Sound Design), AM Rahmathulla (Sound Mix), R. Harihara Suthan (Lorven Studio) (VFX), Nandini Karky  (Subtitles), Rajarajan Gopal (DI Colorist), Ramamoorthy (Stills), M Selvaraj (Costumer), Kabilan (Publicity Designs), N Vicky (Production Executive), S. Pandiyan (Hair Dresser), N. Sakthivel  (Makeup), P. Selva Kumar-Shiva Kumar (Production Manager), Suresh Chandra-Rekha D’One (PRO).