-Patti Veetle Panchayathu!

Films whose scripts are set against a rural backdrop bear the stamp of a sure fire winner, on most occasions. Well, here is one to prove that point on the strength of its meritorious content and presentation.

The old world charm that is present at rural places is almost become a thing of the past as even rural hamlets are transforming into urban hubs and in the bargain, the charm certainly gets lost!

Prasanna Balachandran who has assumed responsibility for the story, screenplay and dialogue has in fact done a neat job and several scenes in the film sizzle with words with intended pun!

Especially, the conversational tone between the lead pair!

Rajesh the director has helmed the project in a very down to earth fashion which has actually added pep to the proceedings!

Interestingly, the film transports the viewers to a real life village constructed realistically on a reel life arena.

It is about a youth who lands up there and not before long he falls for the innocent charm of a local belle.

She too falls in love and the rest of the movie about their adventurous journey!  

The film’s lead cast as well as the supporting cast have all performed well.

Vivek Saro’s score warrants mention.

This is streaming successfully on Aha OTT Platform from 17th June 2022