RJ Balaji is a smart filmmaker with a clear focus, and gets the best from his crew” – Actress Urvashi!


The screen presence of actress Urvashi indeed escalates the value of movies. Especially, when it’s a movie featuring her in a substantial character, she just conquers the entire screen to exhibit a flawless spell that will remain in the hearts and minds of audiences forever. She is back with one such role in RJ Balaji starrer “Veetla Vishesham”, which is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on June 17, 2022. 


Actress Urvashi says, “Veetla Vishesham has given me complete satisfaction. Very rarely, an artiste gets a project that has a valuable story premise, good filmmakers with perfect clarity, and wonderful co-stars. In this aspect, this movie has endowed me with all these privileges. Although I have done similar movies in Malayalam, this one is so special, which got me excited every moment while shooting it. The main reason is the opportunity to share the screen space with Sathyaraj sir. I always enjoy working with the actors, who inspire and make me grasp their mannerisms and expressiveness like a mirror on the set. This helps me give the best on my part as well. The other reason why I wanted to be a part of this movie is that RJ Balaji also ensures that I get a substantial and unique role to perform in his movies.  RJ Balaji is a smart filmmaker with a clear focus, and gets the best from his crew. While RJ Balaji is jovial and very vigorous, NJ Saravanan remains calm and composed in getting the final output. This combination of filmmakers made the situation very balanced for all the actors and technicians in the team during the shoot.” 


While speaking about the takeaway for audiences with Veetla Vishesham, Urvashi says, “In the recent times, we are coming across movies that are catering to the interests and tastes of a particular group of audiences. However, Veetla Vishesham will be a movie that will entertain and satisfy everyone in the theaters.” 


Veetla Vishesham is directed by RJ Balaji-NJ Saravanan and is produced by Zee Studios & Bayview Projects Boney Kapoor in association with Romeo Pictures Raahul. The movie, a remake of super hit Hindi movie ‘Badai Ho, features RJ Balaji, Aparna Balamurali, Sathyaraj, and Urvashi as the title characters.