Amazon Prime is breaking new ground and reaching new heights in showcasing films, film related content besides a new range of shows on its OTT Platform.

Within 2 years it is all set to launch about 40 titles in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other languages!

It is also in the process of releasing Original Film content.

It has been processing several licensing deals with production houses; also been associating with Studios all over the country.

Video-on-demand and other related services are also underway.

Global films are getting closer home as the global contents are made available at the stroke of a button!

An all inclusive Catalogue has also been made available.

Amazon Prime has emerged as a trendsetter as far the arena of OTT Platform is concerned while the inclusive contents are on the rise catering to a wide range of viewers!

Viewers and Subscribers are on the rise phenomenally paving way for further research and innovation!

They are also collaborating with frontline filmmakers for some dream projects that are in the offing!

Amazon Prime is certainly opening a plethora of opportunities creating new avenues for talents!