HOSTEL-Film Review

Produced by-Trident Arts

Directed by-Sumanth Radhakrishnan

Cast-Ashok Selvan, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Nass4er, Sathish, Munishkanth etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-133 minutes

Rating- **1/2

Deliberating on the happenings at a college hostel is the crux of the plot of this fun filled entertainer most of which are enjoyable at that moment while a few scenes and sequences make you uncomfortable with a bit of embarrassment!

Ashok Selvan seems to have mastered the knack of fitting into characters with customary ease and here too he comfortably and conveniently passes off as a final year student housed at a hostel!

Sathish too passes muster as his colleague and comes up with quick-witted one-liners, time and again!

Nasser as the strict warden does his part in an effortless manner, as usual.

Priya Bhavani Shankar’s presence and performance stands out as she is the only female caught at crossroads at a men’s hostel!

Munishkanth goes overboard at places but still impresses!

The light-hearted theme is about a bunch of hostel students and their unruly behaviour! When a girl enters the premises for a specific reason, all hell breaks loose

Sumanth Radhakrishnan’s objective appears to have been to just entertain but still, he could have showcased a few characters amidst them who are quiet and calm which would have stood up as a balancing factor!

A time pass without much of a fuss!