IDIOT-Film Review


Produced by –Screen Scene Media Pvt. Ltd.

Written and Wielded by-Rambhala

Cast-Shiva, Nikki Gilrani, Anandraj, Urvasi, Ravi Maria, Mayilsamy, Akshara Goeda, Redin Kingsley etc

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-119 Minutes

Rating- **1/2

Cinema especially Tamil cinema is certainly going places with new filmmakers with newer thoughts while seasoned directors belonging to the immediate era coming up with harm-warming flicks!

Here comes an entertainer with an obvious attempt to tickle the funny bones of the viewers but the efforts fail to fructify to the expected levels!

With a wafer thin plot the director has tried to venture a horror comedy but only with very few occasions to evoke laughter!

Shiva who is usually good while delivering apt one-liners punctuated by his poker-faced expressions seems to have lost that spark and is only just about good!

Nikki Gilrani has done her part without a blemish.

Akshara Gowda appears to go overboard at places but still manages to create a flutter.

Raja Bhattacharya’s cinematography and Vikram Selva’s score do not exactly compliment the proceedings effectively.

The narration doesn’t flow in a linear fashion and hence following it becomes a challenge!

Perhaps, the director thought why should I let the audience rack their brains while my objective is to offer them a light-hearted entertainment!