SAAYAM-Film Review


Produced by –White Lamp Productions

Directed by-Anthonysamy

Cast-Vijay Vishwa, Shiny, Ponvannan, Bose Venkat, Ilavarasu & Anthonysamy

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-149 Minutes


Several movies have been made the crux of which was set around the impact of caste and religion but Anthonysamy the director of this action filled flick has set his script around the student community!

When caste enters the college campus all hell breaks loose and the consequences prove to be disastrous with murder and mayhem becoming the norm amidst the communities concerned!
A tale of love has also been woven but the turn of events pay way for unexpected happenings.

The screenplay has been set in a village neighbourhood with Ponvannan playing the role of a custodian. His son who is a college going lad is very much interested in Kabbadi but his dad wants him to pursue his studies primarily and not get distracted!

Ponvannan’s sister’s daughter is holding the torch for Ponvannan’s son who is actually a suitor to her hand.

But the cold blooded murder of the hero’s colleague brings in a twist to the tale as he is accused of it and sent to jail while the community men of the murdered youth wait for revenge!

How things get sorted out is the power packed rest!

Nagha Udhayan’s music adds some flavour to the otherwise routine proceedings!




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