KOORMAN-Film Review


Produced by-MK Entertainments

Directed by –Brayan B.George

Cast-Rajaji, Janani Iyer, Bala Saravanan, Aadukalam Naren etc

Censor Rating –U/A

Running Time- 116 Minutes

Rating - ***

The ability of an individual to find out the hidden truth in the mind of his opponent is indeed a God given gift for some individuals!

The script and direction of Brayan B.George happens to have been formatted based on this and what we get to see is a tautly made, interesting thriller with emotions thrown in, in

abundant measure!
Rajaji, the film’s protagonist, has done a neat job as a cop who is out of service for a specific reason, leading a secluded life, accompanied by a caretaker (Bala Saravanan) while a German shepherd stands guard!

Earlier, he had meritoriously served the police department serving under a senior cop (Aadukalam Naren) but after losing his lover (Janani Iyer) owing to the highhandedness of a suitor to her hand, goes into a shell and lives a lonely life in an isolated house!

The department seeks and solicits his services time and again to crack complicated cases which he does just to oblige his mentor!

He is forced to walk an extra mile in a particular case which puts him in a tight spot and how he resolves the issue for a very huge price is the breathtaking rest!

For a change, Bala Saravanan has come up with a constrained performance.
The camera work of Shakthi Arvind and the background score of Tonny Britto add pep to the fast-paced proceedings.

The film is certainly worth taking a look.