Veteran tech entrepreneur Lakshmi Narayanan launches Bharat Generic website and app to provide medicines to people at affordable rates*



Cognizant former Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Shri Lakshmi Narayanan today formally launched the website and Android app of Bharat Generic, which were developed to provide high quality medicines to people at affordable rates. 


The iOS app of Bharat Generic was launched by Sthaneegam C R Nataraja Sastry, Sri Kamakshi Ambal Devasthana Heriditary Mirasdar, Sri Kamakshi Ambal Devastanam, Kancheepuram.


V India Group a leading player in web hosting industry for the last 22 years since 2000, has ventured into pharmacy sector with Bharat Generic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


Focussing on both wholesale and retail, Chennai-based Bharat Generic deals with leading generic medicine brands like Cipla, Univentis, Koye, Wockhardt, Lupin, Knoll, Elixir, Alkem, Zydus, Elder, Abbott, Steris and Leeford. All our generic medicine companies, WHO / GMP approved manufacturers in India.


Bharat Generic is the authorised distributor of Univentis Medicare Ltd, Koye and Elixir. The objective of Bharat Generic is to provide high-quality medicines to people at affordable rates.


According to C Venkatraman, founder of  Bharat Generic, "our motto is that people should spend less on medicines. As per our data more than 65% of people are not able to take medicines regularly due to high cost of medicines. So, we are planning to serve high quality branded generic medicines at low cost. At the same time, quality Pharma products should reach them, Bharat Generic will cater to both the above. Hailing from a middle class family, I know the difficulties people face due to unexpected medical expenses. With the cost of medicines rising, we are here to offer them a pocket-friendly solution, that too without compromising on the quality."


On franchisee, he said over the next six months, plans are on to extend the pharmacy network to 50 outlets all over India, especially targeting Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities ( like Trichy, Madurai, Cochin, Tirupati, Surat, Nagpur, Nizamabad, Kanpur and Karaikal ) to take generic medicines to the needy people.



Bharat Generic Website: