F.I.R.-Success Meet

One of the biggest blockbusters in the recent times is F.I.R. written and directed by Manu Anand.

As a matter of fact, the film has opened up quite well at the theatres and viewers are flocking in at the theatres to watch the film!

For a debutante director like Manu Anand, the film is very special especially being his first attempt at filmmaking!

Vishnu Vishal who has bankrolled the project and has also played the protagonist is on cloud nine following the film’s success!

The main cast and crew of the film met the members of the Media and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the tremendous reviews.

The film’s theme as well as the presentation besides the performance of the stellar cast has caught up well with the audience and as an outcome the film is been received well at the box-office!

The cast and crew expressed their solidarity in one single voice while talking about the collective effort of all which has eventually enabled the film to strike at success in clear cut terms!

It is most likely that the same team may possibly collaborate for another project to repeat the success story!