ANBARIVU-Film Review

Produced by- Sathya Jyothi Films

Written and Wielded by – Ashwin Raam

Cast- HipHop Thamizha , Kashmira Pardeshi, Shivani Rajasekhar, Napolean, Saikumar, Vidhaarth, Asha Sharath  etc

Running Time -165 Minutes

Rating -***

Streaming in DisneyPlus Hotstar

With a time tested theme of twins getting separated at an early age and later switching places to strike hard at the villain, Pasupathi (Vidhaarth, in a negative role, surprisingly!) who had caused confusion in the family by primarily getting a couple-Prakasam (Saikumar, cast in a positive role!) and Lakshmi (Asha Sarath, very diplomatic!). Muniyandi (Napolean) who is Lakshmi’s father is a big shot in that village. Lakshmi bears twin-boys!

While Prakasam leaves for Canada with Arivu (Hip Hop Thamizha ) the other twin, Anbu (Hip Hop Thamizha, again!) lives at the village with his mom and grandfather.

Years hurry past and now Arivu is worldly-wise while Anbu is an enthusiastic rural lad!

Just about time for dramatization of scenes and situations as Arivu decides to set right things.

The film is a tad too long and the debutante director takes his time to set the scenario in order!

As the cast is strong, performances are good enough.

The screenplay is characterized by clich├ęd sequences at places especially in the first half and the second half is several shades better!

The film runs on expected lines but still manages to keep the audience hooked!