VARISI-Film Review

Produced by- Muyarchi Padaipagam

Written and Directed by –Karthik Doss,

Cast- Karthik Doss, Sapna Das, Avis Manoj, Krishnakumar and others

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time- 144 Minutes


The film directed by Kathik Doss deliberates on a contemporary issue of girls employed in I.T. as well as in such allied job portfolios who fall a victim to the lust of call-taxi drivers who cross their limits and cause trouble to their female passengers especially when they happen to travel alone!

The screenplay lays focus on the modus operandi of such drivers who take advantage of the loneliness of the female passengers and exploit and abuse them physically as well as mentally!

The film makes a loud statement as to how girls have to defend themselves under such circumstances and prevent those who intend to offend them by making sexual advances!

Though the film showcases a docu-drama feel at times, it communicates a definite message to the society at large by unfolding the methodology using which such people cause harm to their female passengers!

Karthik Doss the director happens to be the lead actor too and spares no effort to drive home the point that he wanted to convey and communicate.

The screenplay makes use of technology too in the right measure to while the close acquaintances of the victimized female takes up her cause and punishes the person responsible for that dastardly act!

Those portions in the film may appear crude to the average viewer but the objectivity of the filmmaker in wanting to alert those who travel alone in city cabs paving way for the drivers concerned to take advantage, justifies those scenes.

    A message bearing movie that is effective enough; a better casting would have driven home the message more emphatically.



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