THUNERI-Film Review


Produced by –Shadow Light Entertainment

Written and Directed by-Sunil Dixon

Cast-John Vijay, Ashmitha, Naghul, Sadwika, Miya Shree

Rating- ***

Shot at locations in Ooty, Yercaud and Kodaikanal, this horror thriller filled with fantasy elements has been scripted and helmed by Sunil Dixon a debutante filmmaker who has showcased scenes running up to about 35 minutes of VFX. It is worth noting that he is a well known Animation and VFX Supervisor. He has worked in films as Aalavandhan, Kochadaiyan etc.

Eveidently, the film’s theme paves way for a busload of sequences soaked in special effects which are good enough given the constraints of budget.

Yet, he has come up with some convincing CG work that is satisfactory enough!

John Vijay plays a pivotal role in the proceedings and his performance deserves mention.  Miya Shree is adequate as Maya.

All the 3 kids have done their roles well.

The plot begins with the arrival of a cop and his family at a remote hill station.

Right from day one, soon after their arrival, mysterious things start happening and the ghost of a dead man who was much despised by the entire neighbourhood is being held responsible!

How things get sorted out is the thrilling and chilling rest.

The cinematography of Kalesh and Allen warrant mention.

Kalaiarasan’s background score passes muster.