Produced by- Nabeeha Movie Productions

Written and Directed by-Mahesh Padmaanabhan

Cast-Rudhraa, Subhisha, Vinodh Sagar Subbulakshmi etc.

Censor Rating-U

Running Time- 117 Minutes


This gripping take on the true love of a sound recordist who gets entangled with a Radio Jockey of an FM named Your Choice has bagged over 8 global awards in all 10 or so!

Biju Viswanath’s breathtaking cinematography is a salient feature of this flick further enhanced by the scintillating score of Rajesh Appukuttan.

The theme is about the professional journey of a Radio Jockey who sets out to adventure-ridden locales to capture the sound of chirping birds!

She is assisted by well qualified sound specialist who is an expert in recording sounds from natural backdrops!

Their professional association soon turns into personal association too and not before long they turn lovers!
While Rudhraa is soft and subdued, Subisha is dominating and self-centred!

Soon problems crop up and they both are torn apart!

Adding to the confusion, her ex-acquaintance arrives!

How issues get sorted out is the rest narrated reasonably well.