Produced by- Libra Productions /Firstman Film Works

Written and Wielded by –Srijar

Cast-Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, K. Bhagyaraj, Athulya Ravi, Yogi Babu, Manobala, Mayilsamy, Minushkanth etc

Censor Rating-A

Running Time- 142 minutes


With the first night of a newly wedded couple who got married that morning forming the base of the narration, this is basically an adult comedy that has enough and more of delicate elements-both in narration as well as in spoken word! Even normal words of dialogue gains a different meaning when uttered inside the confines of a bedroom peopled by a pair all set to celebrate their first night and that is the crux of the plot of this flick loaded with lots of humor in that connect.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison, it is said! Likewise, the bridegroom (Shanthnu Bhagyaraj) turned husband’s grandfather (K.Bhagyaraj) stipulates a condition that his grandson should necessarily refrain from initiating the consummation of the wedding while the bride (Athulya Ravi) turned wife’s aunt (Urvasi) tells that if the wedding doesn’t get consummated on that occasion of first night, she would never ever conceive as per the precedence in their family!

With such as the film’s premise, the film sizzles with such scenes of action with one partner putting in his best efforts to avoid while the other partner trying her best to make it happen!

Yogi Babu, Manobala and Mayilsamy –are all on board to add to the adult comedy.

Producer Ravindar Chandrasekaran makes a cameo call on the proceedings.

Dharan Kumar has tuned in a couple of  foot tapping songs punctuated by the fast foot-work of the lead pair!