MUDDY-Movie Review

Produced by- PK7 Creations

Directed by-Dr. Pragabhal

Cast-Yuvan Krishna, Ridhaan Krishna, Renji Panikker, Harish Peradi, Suresh Anushka, Amith Nair etc.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-137 minutes


A multi-language film this is with its prime focus on mud races alongside mountainous terrains shot breathtakingly with some foot tapping music to back up the thrills of racing.

It is a tale of mud racing, family feud, vengeance and revenge.

The main players in the cast are all mostly new and the director has brought the best out of them all in a fairly reasonable manner!

The race sequences have been brought out beautifully with never a dull moment.

Two brothers, their problems, a set of smugglers and another set of double crossing men who would not hesitate to rip the throats of even their near and dear ones if the price is right!

Scenes move at a rapid pace but they lack finesse and nicety!

The film is a visual treat for those who relish and cherish racing punctuated with some breathtaking action all the way!

Catch it for the sheer pleasure of watching a racy race-thriller!