Directed by –Sarjun K M

Cast-Priya Bhavani Sankar, Kishore, Sirish etc


Rating- ***1/2

Streaming in Zee 5 OTT Platform

Sarjun who attained fame and name after Airaa that showcased Lady Superstar Nayanthara in a dual role has come up with this emotional thriller that sketches the plight of 2 men who get caught in a web of intrigue and evil-designs!

 This gripping, emotional thriller, premiers from today on Zee 5 OTT Platform that has been offering a good number of noteworthy flicks in the recent times.

Priya Bhavani Shankar looks cute and has also come up with a cute performance as a journo.

One way, this is a kind of women-centric film that has offered scope for the actress to parade her talents in an effective manner!

Kishore is in his elements as ever while Sirish too has carried himself quite well.

The theme is set around two individuals hailing from Tamilnadu who are awarded death sentence by the powers that be the background behind the charges levied on them remaining a mystery!

On payment of Blood Money, the sentence pronounced could be altered but there again problems crop up and the two men are put to further hardship!

How the issue gets addressed is the rest as unfolded in an absorbing manner in the film.

Sathish Raghunathan’s music adds pep to the proceedings.

G.Balamurugan’s cinematography warrants mention.