Produced by-Sri Vaari Films

Written and Directed by-Nanda Periyasamy

Cast-Gautham Karthik, Cheran, Shivathmika, Saravanan, Danil Balaji, Vignesh, Mounika, Singampuli etc

Censor Rating –U

Running Time-147 minutes

Rating -**1/2

It was Rajavamsam a little while earlier; it is Anandham Vilayadum Veedu now!

Both the films have their respective plots set around big families (understandably in rural setting!) wherein close to about 50 people live under the same roof!

Cheran has a meaty role here and has brought out his best using the opportunity. He being a filmmaker himself, he has executed his part with utmost understanding and authenticity!

Saravanan as the eldest brother scores well with his matured performance.

Borra Balabharani has captured the proceedings in a fitting fashion, especially the scenes where he has captured a good number of characters all in one frame!

Gautham Karthik has made an earnest attempt to infuse some romance and action into the proceedings.

Daniel Balaji as the evil minded villain is not impressive as was the case in his earlier outings!

The plot revolves around a large family wanting to live together but a villain who holds a hidden agenda spares no efforts to thwart their plans.

How things get sorted out is the not so interesting rest.

Many scenes look like a television serial with the characters coming up with a contrived performance.

How relevant such themes are especially during contemporary times when nuclear families seem to have taken over?

Maybe, those from the audience who still believe in joint family systems will extend patronage...