Produced by-Chendur Film International

Written and Directed by-K.V.Kathirvelu

Cast-Sasikumar, Nikki Gilrani, Sathish, Radharavi, Vijayakumar, Sumithra, Jayaprakash and many others

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-147


Director cum actor Sasikumar has a strong connectivity with rural themes ad he has proved it yet again in this wholesome family entertainer that lays focus on joint family systems and the bondage amidst the family members.

The director has given the screenplay an urban flavor too especially against the I.T. backdrop with the film’s protagonist as a qualified professional employed in a leading I.T firm.

It is but a challenge to mount sequences with a busload of familiar artistes- all in a single frame and the filmmaker deserves to be applauded for that effort!

Yogibabu provides some lighter moments besides other artistes like Thambi Ramiah, Manobala, Singampuli etc.

Radharavi asserts his class as the neighbor of that family waiting in the wings to get his daughter married to the protagonist.

Besides melodrama, the film has some action blocks too and the climax fight warrants mention.

The real identity of Nikki Gilrani as let out towards the latter half of the film is really a good suspense element.

Sam C.S.’s musical score adds pep to the proceedings.