JAWA YEZDI-Press Release


Exquisite masterpieces & powered constructions by - Jawa-Yezdi and their services on land, air, and water.


It took way to long for Yezdi to get clearance for their being eligible for induction in the two-wheeler mechanized fleets. The Yezdi that followed it were motorcycle for all occasions, users would customize them in several ways and use them for tasks that were not expected from it when the vehicle was designed.

The Roadking engine went on to power the microlights thanks to Somrender Singh. There were various people who wanted to power first go karts in India using Jawa and Yezdi motor even before the advent of this form of motor racing. Several enthusiasts have distinguished themselves in bike sport by modifying Yezdis since the very first hit Indian terra firma. Newer avenues for these motors were being discovered such as the inspection trolley for Indian railways.


The Swamp rat boat was the idea of Gilles who was a Frenchman based in Pondicherry. Gilles had worked with Joel Koechlin in the development of Ranjhamsa cobra hang glider and later thought this boat was ideal for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, the boat was entrapped by the LTTE leading to the authorities deporting Gilles. For the movement of parts and spares in the factory a trailer was hooked onto CL II with a special mount. The factory also created low-cost trikes for invalids using Yezdi Colt as base for it.


In 1980s Joel Koechlin a Frenchman met Raian Irani and made an offer to loan the Road King engine which he wanted to fit in a hang glider,

both were introduced to each other by Somender Singh who got involved in the project to an extent where he was hooked on powered hang gliders.

The aircraft configured by Joel saw one of the first Rod King engines. Raj Hamsa Ultra-Light Flying Systems managed to build about 25 of these powered hang gliders. Thanks to this application Somender Singh grafted on first ever CDI ignition system on a Yezdi motor in India until Raj Hamsa moved to RD350 motor and then purpose-built Rotax units.


One of the most specialized vehicles ever built by the Yezdi R&D was a Model B powered railway inspection trolley. Since Mysore happens to be a major hub for South Central Railway having sizeable railway colony and museum it was an amazing opportunity to collaborate. Initially the railway trolleys were manually operated and there were attempts to make an electrically powered trolley but then a representative from railways wanted an economical and efficient alternative to an old Austin estate-based trolley that had deteriorated. The railways wanted to see if the engineers could fit more than six components for carrying. A CL II was grafted on standard trolley replete with tank ,saddle and handlebar like on a bike. It was a 10-man contingent that could go long distances easily, safely, and comfortably. 


Yezdi has always had a diversified portfolio of vehicles that offered their services on not just land but also air and water. These were all public friendly transportation modes that were comfortable and safe for anyone wanting to travel in them. Yezdi specialized in being favorite of tradesman but also darling of the masses. Yezdi came to be a sheer example of being the jack of all trades in the game.