Produced by- Think Big Studio & Amirtha Studios

Directed –Silva

Cast-Samudrakani, Pooja Kannan, Reema Kallingal, T.Shiva, Subramaniya Shiva etc

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-135 minutes


Whenever the word single-parent is mentioned, it is the general tendency of people in general to think only of a single-mother who struggles hard to bring up her children!

Director Vijay’s story takes a detour from that customised belief and sheds light on the efforts as well as sufferings of a single-father who leaves no stone unturned to bring up his only daughter in the absence of his wife who had met with an unexpected and untimely death!
Both the dad as well as the daughter-enacted tastefully with a lot of maturity and understanding by both Samudrakani and Pooja Kannan-hold only one ambition in life-the daughter should become a doctor!
The scenes and sequences have been brilliantly set and staged by Silva who has proved his credentials as a filmmaker too besides being a famous stunt choreographer!

The supporting cast too have done their parts quite well and the twist in the tale half way through the narration gives a jolt!

How things get sorted out is the interesting and emotional rest!

Sam C.S. has come up with a brilliant background score.

Praveen’s editing is of high standards.

On show on Zee 5 platform, this week...