Abhirami Ramanathan is one film personality at Kollywood whose experience is wide, vast and deep as far as the film industry is concerned! The entire film fraternity at Kollywood would collaborate in unison to accept, acknowledge and appreciate his tireless services to the film industry from time immemorial!

He has always been a trend setter while it came to innovations with respect to the theatre industry and has time and again proved a path-breaker whenever there was a scope to launch newer designs and methodologies!

He was a pioneer in blending a Mall to a theatre complex and bringing up new facilities there, thereby exploring new avenues and vistas to entertain people who walk in!

His latest outing is a film venture –Vinodhaya Sitham- a brilliant film streaming on the Zee 5 platform!

Scripted and helmed by Samudrakani, the film is indeed an innovation of sorts that sketches the plight and predicament of a man whose life span gets extended by 3 months, the courtesy offered by time, soon after he gets victimised in an accident!

The pre-release event brought up Sri. Abhirami Ramanathan, his better half, Mrs. Nallamai Ramanathan, Dr. P.Srinivasan, CEO of the group and who’s who on the Zee 5 platform!

The main cast and crew of the film headlined by Samudrakani streaming on the OTT Platform was also present during the Session of Media Interaction.

Abhirami Ramanathan’s valuable offering, this film is!