Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa Pays Tribute to India’s Farmers on World Food Day

 To mark World Food Day, Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa played host to India’s farmers and their families for lunch at the hotel’s all day dining
restaurant, The Reef. To commemorate the occasion, Sheraton found it only fitting to treat the food makers of our country to a lunch spread, specially curated for them.
At the heart of the event was the intention to honour the inestimable contribution made by the farming community. The managers and chefs at The Reef doubled as generous hosts,
while the farmers were firmly placed as the centre of attraction. As a show of gratitude, the farmers were lavished in a language of their own: ‘food’. They were presented with the
quintessential ella saapudu spread, a fixture of South Indian cuisines, featuring an array of Tamilian food staples like parupu podi, apalam, payasam and more.

Commenting on the initiative Mr. Amit Kumar, General Manager, Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa said, “Our aim was to celebrate the unsung heroes of the hour. No matter the
circumstances, the farming community never fails to deliver, which is why so many of us are so fortunate to have food on our plates. On the occasion of World Food Day, we felt we
would remiss if we didn’t acknowledge their efforts. We also have decided to host this event every year with more innovative concepts and different approaches.” The farmers shared the experience of their journeys and their struggles. The oldest among them was 97 years of age and still committed to his work. The Reef’s own Chef Jagdeesh expressed his gratitude for their work, hailing from a line of farmers himself. The event marked the first edition of this celebratory initiative by the luxury hotel.