Produced by-KJR Studios and Soldiers Factory

Directed by-Karthik Yogi

Cast-Santhanam, Anandraj, Munishkath, Nizhalgal Ravi, Yogi Babu, Shirin Kanchwala, Anagha, Motta Rajendran etc.

Censor Rating –U

Running Time-152 Minutes


This is out and out a Santhanam film and on expected lines, he steals the frames in his unique and distinctive style, right from the moment go till the closing portions!

This time the premise is different as it is one kind of science-fiction involving a time travel mission.

The thumb rule of time travel films which is an accepted norm is the fact that when they characters travel back in time and reach out to their own characters in the old time frame, they shouldn’t meddle with the characters in that time frame but here the very premise is built upon mingling and merging with their own characters from the past which eventually paves way for some rib tickling moments most of which evoke laughter!

The two heroines do their parts with élan punctuated by charm and grace!

Arvi’s camera work and Jomin’s editing help sustain the interest of the viewers while watching the proceedings.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s score is an added attraction to this comedy of errors!

The supporting cast do their best to keep the sequences alive and kicking!

A total fun ride!