Produced by -Varmans Productions

Written and Wielded by -Eswar Kotravai

Cast- Karthikeyan Velu Sanjana Burli Kishore Dev, Niranjana Dhananya etc.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-127 minutes


Fantasy comedy sprinkled with enjoyable elements of horror and laced with a philosophical note on an age old rural attitude being intolerant to the well being of the neighbourhood while crossing limits to ensure that all evil befalls those living around forms the format of narration of this fun filled entertainer with the fertility of the filmmaker’s imagination breaking new grounds!

The film’s protagonist is a perfect choice for the lead character whose natural expressions are good enough for a beginner.

The heroine is beauty-personified and has executed herself quite admirably.

Her deputies played by two little girls contribute well to the proceeds.

The musical score of Satish Raghunathan and the apt angles of Mohammed Farhan add pep to the proceedings.

The film’s USP is its humour content put to rather the best use by the director who shows a lot of promise!

Worth a watch definitely...




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