Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa to celebrate World Vegetarian Day

Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa is proud to announce that they are all set to go green on 1st October 2021, to commemorate World Vegetarian Day. As part of Marriott International SERVE 360, Take care & Wellbeing initiatives & overall reduction and impact of the global greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, the luxury resort property will encourage and challenge their culinary team to create a balanced, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian and plant-based menu.

The specially curated menu will be made available for all associates and guests to indulge in green cuisine, promoting a shift towards healthier and eco-friendly consumption.
Amit Kumar, General Manager, Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort & Spa shares, “Across the global, a large number of people today have become conscious about what they consume and are understanding the benefits of vegetarianism. People have recognized the importance of being healthy and a drastic switch to plant-based diets is being witnessed.


We at Sheraton Grand Chennai, are delighted to partake in Marrio