MANDELA-Movie Review

Produced by-YNOT Studios, Reliance Entertainment, Wishberry Films, LLP Presents & Open Window Production

Written & Wielded by –Madonne Ashwin

Cast-Yogi Babu, Sangili Murugan, G.M.Sundar, Kanna Ravi, Sheela Rajkumar & many others


Indeed this flick is a milestone in Yogi Babu’s screen career as he has best foot forward in the flick that sizzles and shines like a star amidst mediocre movies that have been hitting the screens of late!

The theme is contemporary especially during this election time without being offensive!

The narration is extraordinary, the scenes flow naturally and the performances down to earth!

The film showcases the extent to which candidate contesting in elections would go while canvassing for votes and the manner in which they lure the common man with freebies-very naturally presented, kudos to the young filmmaker!

Sheela Rajkumar excels as the staffer at the local post office and it is she who names him as Madela while helping him to create an identity for himself besides being identified as the village barber.

The film also throws light on the darker side of the facts faced by the village folks as addressing nature’s call every day, in and out, is indeed an herculean task, more for the women folk!

Humour courses through the proceedings spontaneously and the quick-witted dialogue sprinkles doses of laughter, time and again!

The film on show from April 4th 2021 is also set to stream on Netflix!

A theatrical release would have made a sea of difference!




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