For many entering filmdom is the most cherished and nourished dream and they spare no effort to pursue their dreams! But at times, the pursuit of their dreams turns out to become a distant dream maybe, mostly owing to their background as well as financial constraints given the fact that learning the nuances of the art of filmmaking involves huge finance too!

To address such situational issues, a trio –Director Vetrimaran, Rajanayagam and Vetri Duraisamy have teamed up to formulate and constitute International Institute of Film and Culture which is committed to identify raw & original talents primarily across the districts of Tamil Nadu, and to provide a conducive ambience to nurture and refine their cine-tech skills, emerging eventually as ‘serious entertainers’ technically, creatively, ethically empowered to produce wholesome and healthy, commercially viable entertainment!

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Vetri maaran   (President, IIFC)
Rajanayagam  (Mentor, IIFC )
Vetri Duraisamy
( Secretary, IIFC )


The discerning filmmaker that he is, Vetrimaran has always been a forerunner in pursuing his thoughts and ideologies on the screen and this is his earnest attempt to champion a worthwhile cause that would shortlist deserving aspirants who will stay indoors with boarding and lodging being provided while focus will be laid upon the various facets of filmmaking besides thrust on sociology and other facets of life on an overall basis!