Produced by –NH Hari Silverscreens

Directed & Edited by-Rasu Ranjith

Cast-Rasu Ranjith, Aparna Balamurali, Lijomol Jose, Eesan, Inba etc

Running Time-143 minutes

Censor Rating –U/A


Rasu Ranjith has come up with an effective entertainer that bears a message too! The theme is woven around 2 youngsters-Shiva (Rasu Ranjith) and Dass (Eesan), who are close friends and they usually, join hands with another friend, Maaran (Sandeep Raj) for robbery, time and again.

Dass holds the torch for Sumathi (Aparna Balamurali) from that neighbourhood and they soon become man and wife, thanks to the daring initiatives of Shiva!

Though Sumathi constantly and consistently tries her best to reform and transform Dass, he returns to the company of his friends for some illegal activities in regular gaps!

Meantime, Shiva too falls for the charms of Thamizh (Lijomol Jose, who speaks more through her eyes!) and now it is Dass’ turn to fructify his friend’s wishes!

They friends decide to give up their ways of earning money through unethical means and all seems going well!

Maaran shows up out of the blue and suggests one last assignment.

The trio go ahead but unfortunately, things turn topsy-turvy and Dass dies after Maaran double crosses him!

Shiva takes up the task of seeking revenge...

C.Sathya’s score keeps in tune with the mood of the film. Kevin Raj’s camera work is noteworthy.