Produced by - Sanjay Sham Pictures

Directed by -Veerangan K.

Cast- Chinna, Risha Haridas, Rajasimman, Kayal Perara, Pasupathiraj, Saravanashakthi, Hello Kandhasamy, TikTok Rajapriyan

Rating -**1/2

B.Vasu’s  brilliant cinematography and the apt score of Raja Sai resort to the act of redemption of this rural flick that is plotted around the lives of three villagers who are active at night stealing from well to do people while also helping out people who are in dire need of money, once in a way! A village big shot indirectly helps them out!

Chinna is the leader of the gang of trio and Risha is the local village belle who is waiting in her wings to be grabbed by Chinna who eventually takes his own sweet time to be able to concur with her moves of romance!

On an occasion, Chinna manhandles a village bigwig (Kayal Perara) and his sons-especially one of the two sons (Rajasimman)  and son-in-law, vow a bloody revenge!

The rest of the plot is about how Chinna goes about his love and circumstances impact the friendship of the trio and how Rajasimman takes his revenge.

There are a couple of nice moments in this just about average flick but the question is will those be sufficient to draw in crowds into the theatres!