Produced by-J.Dhanraj Kennedy

Directed by-R.D.Kushal Kumar

Cast-Kevin (Yesteryear Actress, Anuradha’s son), Sarah Deva, R.Sundarrajan, Appukutty, Sachu, Kadhal Arun, Abhinayasri and others

Rating- ***

Given the promo stills and the title, one may get a feeling that the film would be the kind that is explosive exploiting women from a commercial perspective but that is not the case here!

Though the casting of the lead leaves much to be desired, the theme dwells and deliberates on the bonding between a newly-wed pair on a honeymoon trip to a hill station.

While the hero seeks immediate and instant union of their physique the heroine wants their minds t be united first before they get into a physical relationship!

There is also a resort owner who is a close friend of a politician who eyes the resort using the help of a local DSP and these portions stick out like a sore thumb!

The crux of the plot is quite sensible and the filmmaker needs to be appreciated for refraining from exploiting its sensitiveness!

Sarah looks fetching and has executed her part well.

Kevin needs to fine tune his skills a bit and if he does it he can certainly go places.

Appukutty plays the hero’s love guru but after a while!

P.R.Srinath score passes muster.

K.P.Velmurugan has captured the lovely locales of the hill station quite admirably.