Produced by-Thilaka Arts

 Written & Directed- Kartheiswaran

Cast-Kartheiswaran, Gayatri Rema, Muthu Kalai etc

Censor Rating –U/A

Running Time-140 minutes


Ghost based horror films when coupled with comedy would draw huge crowds to the theatres and Kartheiswaran who has scripted and helmed the film besides playing the male lead has made the best use of that combo coming up with a horror comedy most of which is quite enjoyable!

Gayatri Rema the heroine has come up with an uninhibited performance as evidenced in the song and dance sequences!

Muthu Kalai proves a scene-stealer and his encounters with the ghosts are exhilarating!

Watch him being pushed and pulled by the ghosts!

Jose Franklin’s eerie music adds pep to the proceedings!

The theme is about a newly-wed couple who travel up to a ‘cool’ destination to get engaged in ‘hot’ activities!  It is a bungalow and the duo look forward for some exclusive moments of romantic interludes!

The place is haunted and the duo is forced to encounter with more of ghostly experiences than that of romantic experiences! For most part, the film is watchable with horrific scenes mounted not too heavily followed by moments of fun and frolic! The length serves bit of a spoil sport and some better work with the scissors would have trimmed up the proceedings making viewing more of a watch worthy experience!

Go watch the movie to have some fun time with the ghosts!