Produced –B R Talkies Corporation & White Moon Talkies

Written & Wielded by –RDM

Presented by  – Creative Entertainers & Distributors / GrassRoot Film Co.

Cast –Suresh Ravi, Raveena Ravi, Mime Gopi, Munna etc

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-126 minutes

Rating -***1/2

Going by the title it would sound suggestive that the police department stands to serve the common man in the capacity of a friend but what is deliberated upon through the tightly-woven, well-knit screenplay is almost the contrary while sketching the plight & predicament of a youth who gets into a tussle with the powers that be in the police department!

RDM has followed a linear narrative style while unfolding the tale without much of distractions or deviations sticking to the main plot in an assured manner! It is noteworthy that he has steer cleared the screenplay without commercial compromises.

Suresh Ravi who plays the protagonist looks the part perfectly and has executed himself quite effectively! He is very good in the confrontational sequences at the police station especially while being in face to face with Inspector Kannabiran very brilliantly enacted by Mime Gopi.

While Suresh Ravi, the alleged defaulter looks straight into the eyes of Mime Gopi who eventually asks Ravi to lower his eyes and not look at him eye to eye! A fine segment of the film, it is!

The plot revolves around the lives of a young couple –Prabhu (Suresh Ravi) employed as a food deliverer and Indhu (Raveena Ravi) his wife who is employed gainfully. While returning home in two-wheeler they are stopped by Police Patrol team which marks the start of problems for Prabhu that goes on till the very end!

Prabhu lets loose some words that provoke Kannabiran who goes out of the way by way of retardation!

The film offers a lot of food for thought for both police officials as well to the common man as to how they have to behave towards one another!

Touted to be based on true incidents, this reel tale should not be misconstrued of representing all those serving the police force as very many of them toil hard and even stick their necks out to maintain law and order.

Also, the film also deliberated on the dos and don’ts for a commoner who is neither affluent nor influential!

The film also asks about the suggestive behavioural code for officers in the police force.

With wearing a helmet having made a rule for two-wheeler riders, why does the protagonist ride around always without wearing one while at the pretext of C.B.F.C, a caption necessitating the need to wear a helmet is also shown!

A thought provoking film that talks about practical problems concerning the common man and the police department leaving behind points to ponder!