Produced by- 2D Entertainment

Written & Wielded by-J J Fredrick

Cast –Jyothika, K.Bhagyaraj, R.Parthiban, Pratap Pothen, Pandiarajan & Thiagarajan, Subbu Panchu etc.


Digital Release on May 29th 2020 on Amazon Prime Video

Jyothika has certainly come a long way since Vaali (1999), her 1st Tamil film coursing through a variety of varied characters that proved her mettle as a talented artiste! A busload of films that followed- Snegithiye, Kushi ( both in 2000), Chandramukhi (2005), Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu, Mozhi & Pachaikili Muthucharam (all in 2007), 36 Vayadhinile (2015), Naachiyaar (2018), Raatchasi (2019)  uplifted & upgraded her status as a fine performer par excellence!

Well, it will only be fair to say that Ponmagal Vandhaal, a gripping legal drama, is a worthy addition to that select list of her films!

She has come up with a honest performance as a honest lawyer championing the cause of an innocent lady, wrongly convicted & killed!

Set against the backdrop of the Queen of Hills, the screenplay unfolds with the reopening of a case closed long back that convicted an alleged serial killer! The case appears not what it appears to be on the face of it and a lawyer with a lot of conviction & passion mazes through the loopholes unearthing a new angle to the old case while braving several tough storms that weather across her way!
This legal courtroom battle assembles a battalion of filmmakers- K.Bhagyaraj, R.Parthipan, Pratap Pothen, Pandiarajan & Thiagarajan –all of whom recording their presence in their own individualistic, signature styles, excepting for Pandiarajan whose characterisation suffers owing to want of scope from the script!

Venba (Jyothika), the foster daughter of Pethuraj (K.Bhagyaraj) opens up an old case at the Ooty Court with a view to disprove that Jyothy, supposed to have hailed from North India, had kidnapped & killed several female children & had shot 2 young men in a cold-blooded manner!

Police records claimed that a cop, Alexander (Subbu Panchu ) who was investigating the case had trapped her tactfully after tracking her whereabouts & had arrested her but owing to the force of circumstances, she gets killed & the case is shut!

 As Venba  dusts out the shut-case back to life, Varadarajan (Thyagarajan) a philanthropist hires Rajarathinam (Parthiban), a famous criminal lawyer to fight the case, as, one of the youngsters shot dead by Jyothy, was his son!

A fiery courtroom battle ensues at the end of which justice triumphs over falsehood & fabricated lies with all those concerned taken in by the Law.

 Bhagyaraj is sundued yet effective; Pratap Pothen is dignified as the Judge while Parthiban asserts his class by his timing sense & time & again coming up one-liners in his own inimitable style.
Ramji’s camera has captured the lovely locales of Lovedale in a captivating capacity!

Govind Vasantha’s background score is well underplayed in tune the film’s tempo!

The crux of the plot is cantered round raising & revolting against (female) child abuse soliciting not merely sympathy of those around but their empathy!

The spoken lines sparkle well-taste this for a sample- the Court needs evidence & not merely the Truth! 

The film draws to a close on a positive note –Truth Triumphs, finally!

J.J.Fredrick, the director comes up with a nice twist regarding the real identity of Venba at the end which warrants definite mention!