Hey Man! We realized that days were becoming rather monotonous and we just had to do something to spread joy! At difficult times like these, the best thing one can do is come up with innovative ideas to tackle the problems at hand. Especially as a community- oriented business, we wanted to come up with something new that not only satisfies our customer's cravings but also add a little fun to their days!

Since they couldn't come to us, we wanted to take the 'BurgerMan Experience' to them. We were also inspired by the many cooking adventures of our customers this quarantine and we wanted to keep that spirit going.

The idea of a DIY(do it yourself) grill box has always been on our to do list and now just seemed like the perfect time to execute it, so we got our thinking caps on and curated the Grill to Thrill burger kits, do it yourself style!

The Grill To Thrill - DIY - Burger Kit contains fresh veggies, yummy patties, brown buns & smacking sauces to make the perfect burgers at home! 🤩
Let’s get grillin’! All kits come with our secret special Base sauce & 2 of our top favorite flavors, BBQ & Mexican! 🤤  It is available in kits of three and four burgers.

TEAM VEG [Aloo Patty]
3 🍔 Kit : 500 INR
4 🍔 Kit : 600 INR

TEAM MEAT [Chicken Patty]
3 🍔 Kit : 600 INR
4 🍔 Kit : 700 INR

4 🍔 Kit : 650 INR

What’ s. App us on: +91 97909 88605 to order the Kit (or) DM on our IG Page.