Ajay Piramal Led Design University - Anant National University Approaches The PMO With
A Plan to Fight India’s Battle with COVID-19

AnantU’s offer to set up these facilities free of charge is in service to the nation at this time of need.

Ahmedabad, April, 2020 - Amidst a global pandemic, sustainability experts, urban planners, built environment professionals and designers associated with Piramal’s AnantU have curated an implementation plan to tackle India s biggest battle which is the scarcity of organised COVID recovery spaces. Keeping in mind the type of vacant buildings in different states and in line with AnantU’s mission to nurture solutions, AnantU submitted a detailed implementation plan to the Prime Minister’s office as well as to private builders to rapidly scale up COVID-19 recovery facilities by utilising existing hard infrastructure – buildings that are government owned, community owned, or private - and refurbishing them to provide COVID-19 recovery facilities with ICUs. The implementation plan submitted to the PMO includes layouts for different types of spaces along with divisions for the following categories of patients - asymptomatic but tested positive for COVID-19, patients with mild symptoms, patients with moderate symptoms, patients with severe symptoms.
The transformation of any vacant space into becoming a COVID-19 recovery facility can be implemented free of cost in 3-5 days by AnantU.