Produced by-Abhishek Films

Written & Directed by-Sasi

Cast-Siddharth, G V Prakash Kumar, Lijomol Jose, Kashmira, Madhusudhanan etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-142 minutes

Rating- ***

Sasi whose Pichaikkaran proved a huge hit has come up with this flick that deliberates on an unusual subject-the relationship between a girl’s husband & her brother (maman-machan in colloquial terms!) with Siddharth as a traffic cop & GVP as a bike racer whose sister (Lijomol Jose) gets married to the cop!

Siddharth has gone about his character in his usual style & makes his mark impressively. GVP, who has so far donned only light hearted roles with a touch of romance mostly, has appeared in a serious role here & has executed himself reasonably well.

Lijomol Jose as the girl caught in-between her husband & brother acts naturally.  Madhusudhanan is the menacing villain whose characterisation sticks out like a sore thumb in a script that is human relationships & values!

Those who give you a lift on the way need not decide your destination-sample this for the power packed dialogue!

Also, the scene where Siddharth talks about his passion for serving as a traffic cop & his explanation about the tri-colour signal that sees no caste, creed or disparity deserves mention!

The climax portions appear a bit contrived.

The film is certainly worth taking a look.