Produced by –Sundaram Productions

Scripted & Directed by-SA Bhaskaran

Cast- Nicky Sundaram, Aiswarya Rajesh, Kishore, Charlie, Ajay Ghosh, Abhishek Vinod & Thangadurai

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-111 minutes


A pretty decent film the theme of which deliberates on the hot topic of crimes related to medical field!

Newcomer Nicky Sundaram takes some time to settle down with the character but once after that he looks perfect & appropriate for the character of a youth who comes to India from the U.S. for a change of scene after having lost his dear Mom.

He assumes responsibility at a medical shop run by his relative & not before long he gets involved not only with a girl (Aiswarya Rajesh) from the medical field with both falling in love but also in the death of an employee at the shop for which he is wrongly  framed & accused! 

The further turn of events reveal how some medical practitioners & hospital-owners join hands to deal in human organs by virtually killing people who come in for treatment!

Kishore as the investigating cop is adequate.

The screenplay could have been a little more gripping.

A decent medical thriller, so to say!