Produced by-Y Not Studios & Reliance Entertainment

Script- Aswin Saravanan & Kavya Ramkumar

Directed by-Ashwin Saravanan

Cast-Tapsee Pannu, Vinodhini,  Sanchana Natarajan, Ramya Subramanian & others.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-103 minutes


 Kollywood films seem to have come of age; especially the new generation filmmakers have something new in store to offer to the audience! Ashwin Saravanan has come up with a taut thriller set around a video game wherein the protagonist with a bitter past trying her best to overcome that! Help comes in the form of her maid who is actually much more than that! How the protagonist fights her own demons while fighting against the odds that have assembled before her is the intriguing rest.
Tapsee is superb as Swapna appearing as an avid gamer who is afraid of darkness! She has virtually carried the film on her shoulders!

The same could almost be said of Vinodhini playing her caretaker & mentor as well! She is one of the most underrated actresses of our times & her expressions are a delight to watch!

The average film goer could find the screenplay & the narrative style a bit too much to follow & understand as the film is multi-layered as one has to constantly & continuously watch out for those unspoken words & nuanced scene-settings!

Ron Ethan Yogan’s background score is indeed breathtaking & he fills the frames with his appropriate sounds even when there are no spoken words or action in toe! 

Vasanth’s camera work is of high standards.

The tattoo portions in the script are less convincing but as a whole, the multi-layered film is appealing enough!