Devi 2-Review

Produced by- GV Films & Trident Arts

Written & Wielded by-Vijay

Cast-Prabhu Deva, Tamannah, Kovai Sarala, Naditha Swetha, Dimple Hayathi, Ajmal & Sonu Sood

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-125 minutes


In the strictest sense, this flick cannot exactly be categorised as a sequel to Devi (2016) as it was Tamannah who was ‘possessed’ in that while Prabhu Deva is the one getting ‘possessed’ in this! But yet, this one to as the same lead -pair & this starts where that ended!

Having driven out the spirit of Roma (Tamannah) out of his wife, Devi (Tamannah again!), Krishna (Prabhu Deva) who is employed in stills remains scared & hence takes a transfer to Mauritius & the couple leave the country leaving behind their daughter at their parents’ place!
All appears well till Devi is forced to believe what she sees-her husband Krishna following the footsteps of not one but two girls-Sara (Nanditha Swetha) & Eesha (Dimple Hayath). Devi befriends a lawyer named Lalitha (Kovai Sarala) who adds fuel to the fire as far as Devi’s doubts regarding her husband are concerned!

Enter two look alikes of Krishna –Ranga Reddy & Alex but luckily they are not humans but spirits who take turns to ‘possess’ Krishna!

There is also Ajmal playing Rudhra who has an eye on Sara!

Sonu Sood makes a belated appearance when the movie is almost over!

The screenplay should have been conceived & crafted better; the treatment too lacks the seriousness!
Prabhu Deva’s dance movements are still mention worthy. The glam-act of Tamannah doesn’t provide the necessary glam-quotient!

There is nothing much to write home about the music of Sam C.S but Ayananka Bose‘s camera has taken the audience on a free trip to Mauritius!