Produced by-Velammal Cine Creation

Written & Directed by-Raja Durai

Cast-Oviya, Mahesh, Radharavi, Manoj Kumar, Saravanan, Ravi Maria,  Chinni Jayanth, Vyapuri, Swaminathan, Aruldoss &  Power Star Srinivasan
Censor Rating-U

Running Time-148 minutes

Rating- ***

Bankrolled by Madurai Selvam, a PR person, the film focuses on the greed of even those who are well placed trying to earn a quick buck using strategies of nativity as possessing gem stones, rearing a specific breed of snake, holding a sacred stick that has herbal characteristics etc.  Coupled with this is the tale of a youth, Sanjeevi, an MBA graduate who doesn’t want to take up the job in the Government, like his dad (Manoj Kumar). While his dad chides him for moving about like a wastrel with his 2 friends, he is very clear that he should become an entrepreneur & explores ways & means of fructifying his dreams! 

How he accomplishes his wish after overcoming several hurdles is the interesting rest.
Oviya’s characterisation is a kind of cameo without much of a relevance to the main plot but yet, she makes her presence felt in a sizzling manner! The director needs to be complimented for not exploiting her glam-quotient much!

Radharavi does a neat job; so do the others as Chinni Jayanth, Ravi Maria, Saravanan!
Power Star Srinivasan too creates a flutter! 

The music of Srikanth Deva adds pep to the proceedings! A good time pass.