Chennai-based technology-driven platform - ‘’ - has introduced an
array of solutions to de-stress the school going children and their parents

Launches Scooldudes App in Chennai

Times are changing with respect to the way education is imparted to the kids belonging to the contemporary generation! Gone are the days when curriculum & syllabus alone taught within the confines of the school compound were found sufficient; the new generation kids need more of inputs outside the ambit of the schools too. Especially, after school activities plays a contributory role in shaping up their career! Here is one wonderful opportunity for the X-Generation kids...

 It is, perhaps, a revelation and a disturbing one at that – a Survey conducted by the Scooldudes Team across 8 major cities in India and covering about 5000 school-going children has found out that 50% of the surveyed children in Chennai are acutely stressed with the reasons cited being heavy syllabus, long study hours (incl. after school tuition), parental/teacher pressure and lack of confidence. The stress levels of the Mumbai and Bangalore children are higher at 80% and 65% respectively but that is not a comfort for the Chennaiites!! While this is so, today’s typical parents have another major concern – their child is totally locked up with his mobile or the desktop or the ipad or the tablet, playing some video game or the other or generally lost in the world of social media and the internet.

 Mr Ramachandran Kannan, Founder of,  Mrs Teresa, Head Mistress, Shishya School,  Mrs Chithra Ravi, Founder, Chrysalis, Mr Santhanam MD Saint Gobain & Mr Sanjay Rao, Emotional Intelligence Coach took part in a Panel Discussion to analyse & approach the methodologies pertaining to current situation while, Ramachandran Kannan spoke elaborately about the functioning of the newly launched App.