Produced by-24AM Studios

Written & Directed by Ponram

Cast-Sivakarthikeyan, Samantha, Soori, Simran, Napolean, Lal & Keerthy Suresh (in a guest role)

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-158 minutes


With a view to hit a hatrick, the director-actor duo has joined hands for a 3rd time and it would only be fair to say that they have succeeded, by & large. While the fact remains that the content of this 3rd collaborative venture is not as strong as the 1st two but they both have toiled hard to ensure that the film stands out as an enjoyable entertainer with loads of fun! Siva is in his usual elements right through the length & breadth of the film!

The combination sequences involving Siva & Soori are certain to bring the house down!

Samantha scores well as a P.T. teache. It is nice to watch her swing her rod in typical nativity style!

Keerthy Suresh’s character is so very brief that she disappears as quickly as he appears! Simran cuts a sorry figure in a character that is grey!

Lal the talented Malayalam actor has been under utilised!

Napolean as the hero’s father has nothing much to do.

Seemaraja (Sivakarthikeyan) who belongs to a clan of Zamindars whiles away his time in the company of his accountant & friend, Aandisamy (Soori) till he gets a call on duty on the death of his dad to occupy the helm!

Meantime, he woos & wins over Suthanthira Selvi (Samantha).

Problems crop up as the narration unfolds and how the hero tackles them besides winning the hand of his sweetheart is the fairly interesting rest!

The director has also tried to champion the cause of agriculturists & agricultural lands but without much conviction!

A good time pass that is certain to be lapped up by Siva’s fans!