Produced by- Pramod Films

Written & Directed by-Vijay

Cast-Prabhu Deva, Baby Ditya, Aiswarya Rajesh, Salman Yusuff Khan, Sphiya, Sam Paul, Karunakaran, Master Askhat & Master Jeet Das

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-130 minutes


Choreographer turned dancer (in films) actor turned filmmaker Prabhu Deva returns to what he is best at-dancing on the screen besides stealing some moments of emotional performance in this dance drama scripted & directed by Vijay who should be patted on his back for making a 11-year old Ditya dance to her heart’s content!

A family drama with its focus on the aspirations of a little girl who aims to participate & win a National level dance competition! Aiswarya Rajesh as her mom who doesn’t relish her daughter dancing is quite adequate but her hatred for her husband from whom she has parted ways has not been clearly defined and hence appears a bit unconvincing! How dance takes a dominant role in the life of the little girl & re-unites the family that has parted ways is the interesting rest punctuated by a series of dance sequences most of which are quite enjoyable. Sam C.S. has come up with some good music paving way for some foot tapping numbers! The background score too is mention worthy!

Prabhu Deva’s dance movements being of high standards is just a matter of information while the foot work of Ditya warrants mention as well as praise! She is a girl to watch out for!

Karunakaran’s character hasn’t been shaped adequately but he has still managed to make his presence felt!

Lakshmi (Ditya) is a school going girl is very passionate about dancing having inherited the talent from her dad, Krishna (Prabhu Deva) who runs a restaurant. Lakshmi’s mom, Nandini (Aiswarya Rajesh) is a bank employee who has since parted ways with Krishna & is currently living with Lakshmi.

Lakshmi wants to participate in a dance level competition at the National level but she is handicapped from pursuing her passion as her mom is against her daughter from taking up dancing!

By chance, Lakshmi runs into Krishna who helps her to pursue her passion unmindful of her background!

How things get sorted out is the fairly enjoyable rest.

Kovai Sarala’s character (as the school Headmistress) and performance reminds us of Ambika’s role as a Judge in Traffic Ramasamy! Pun intended!

Kudos to director Vijay for making a busload of children dancing professionally on the stage! Prabhu Deva and Ditya need to be applauded for their dancing talents!