Produced by- Lyca Productions

Scripted & Directed by Nelson

Cast- Nayanthara, Saranya Ponvannan, Yogi Babu, Saravanan, Mottai Rajendran, Anbudasan, Anand etc

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-140 minutes


Lady superstar Nayanthara who is currently riding high as far as career graph is concerned, has come up with a powerful portrayal yet again! Needless to mention, she has scored brilliantly as the protagonist proving beyond doubt that she is simply capable of carrying an entire film on her shoulders in entirety! Not to overlook the fact that her character and costumes certainly remind the viewers of her presence & performance in Naanum Rowdythaan, Nayanthara has executed herself admirably well despite the fact that her role here somehow gives an impression that it is an extension of that role he played in that, sans the stammering!

This film is certainly a big breakthrough for Yogi Babu who has come up triumphs as Sekar, a shop owner near her residence, holding the torch for her! Anand playing his deputy scores well too! So does Anbudasan appearing as Lakshmana Kumar!
Kokila( Nayanthara) who hails from a middle class family which consists of her dad, Pandi (R.S.Sivaji), a simpleton, her mom, Vadiva (Saranya Ponvannan) who runs the family & Shobi (Jacqueline), Kokila’s younger sister!

All hell breaks down when Vadivu is diagnosed with lung cancer & the cost of cure is estimated as Rs. 15, 00,000! The family gets into a fix as all of them are well aware of the fact that it is an impossible situation for them to mobilize such a sum of money! All her efforts prove futile and that is exactly when Kokila inadvertently gets involved in the drug peddling! Realizing that it is lucrative she carries on with the ‘task’ till things go haywire! She gets into problems not only with the gangs involved but also with the police!

How she outsmarts them all and moves out with the boot earned and then starts afresh, of course, the family gets into a small time business that is within the confines of the law, this time!

Humor courses the proceedings in abundant measure most of which is enjoyable! Nayanthara going about sporting an innocent face and uttering words that are also innocence-laden which after a point tends to irritate! The director’s objective appears to have been fully focused on uplifting Nayan’s image as a star who can carry the entire movie fully by herself! Well, Nayan hasn’t disappointed him!

Sivakumar Vijayan’s camera work & Anirudh’s musical score add pep to the proceedings!

This black comedy can be construed of champion the cause of women empowerment in one angle!