Produced by- Green Signal

Written & Wielded by-Vicky

Cast-S.A.Chandrasekaran, Rohini.Ambika, R.K.Suresh, Imman Annachi, Mohanram, Prakashraj & Vijay Sethupathi, Vijay Anthony, Khushboo & Seeman in guest roles.

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-119 minutes


That S.A.Chandrasekaran is a versatile filmmaker is a well known fact; he has proved that he is a versatile performer too, given the fact that he has come up with a power house performance in the title role! Loosely but largely based on the real life social activist, Traffic Ramasamy, this reel life presentation cannot exactly be called a biopic but yet it sketches the incidents in the life of that veteran who single handedly took up the task of championing  several noble causes!

While the powers that be as well as the goons who assist them in their endeavors  want the social crusader off the radar, he is not that easy type to let go things for fear of his life in spite of the fact that he has beaten up black & blue on ever so many occasions! But each time, he rises like a phoenix carrying on with his noble mission of all those who are corrupt & act in a manner that is detrimental to the society!

Of course, scenes of family sentiment, nexus between politicians & police officers, an item number, a wedding anniversary etc mar the narration a bit, ringing in an element of dramatization, the overall impact is good enough.

Vijay Sethupathi cuts a neat cameo in a guest role through his reading sessions of the book published on Traffic Ramasamy using which the happenings unfold.

R.K.Suresh’s characterization look bit exaggerated just like his portrayal!  Rohini is adequate as the wife of the activist. The social commentary is fine but there again, blending them with lighthearted scenes disturb & cause distraction!

The court room sequences could have been planned & executed a lot better as the lack of seriousness pulls sown the intensity of the situation. The comical angle infused in Ambika’s characterisation could have been avoided!

Vicky the maker certainly deserves a pat on the back for extracting the best out of his mentor under whom he is believed to have apprenticed.

Prakashraj does his part with aplomb in the closing scenes.

A film that espouses a cause!