GOLI SODA 2-Review

Produced by-Rough Note Productions

Story, Cinematography & Direction-Vijay Milton

Cast-Gautham Vasudv Menon, Samudrakani, Bharath Seeni, Esakki Bharath, Vinoth, Rohini, Rekha, Subiksha, Krisha & Rakshitha

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-130 minutes


That directors can act well gets proclaimed & proved in the very first frame involving Gautham Vasudev Menon & Samudrakani , both of whom set the scenes to move forward in this action packed thriller that drives home a message or two!
Vijay Milton who made the absorbing flick, Goli Soda with a bunch of young & impressionable kids has this time woven a tale with grownups but with a title that gives the viewers a idea that this is a sequel; not before long the viewers come to understand that this is a different film altogether that deliberates on the aspirations of 3 different youngsters, all of whom aren’t acquainted at all with one another, to begin with at least till the interval block!

Samudrakani plays a former cop who had switched professions to become a medical shop owner after realizing the hard way that he is not just cut out to be a cop! He is the common friend of all the 3, obviously their well wisher too!
Bharath Seeni deputizes a don & is planning to quit that ’job’, of course, at the instance of his lover(Subiksha). Esakki works at a small hotel while nursing dreams of becoming a basketball player & the third one, Vinoth who runs an auto aspires to buy a call taxi! A middle girl (Krisha) falls for Esakki while Vinoth finds his match (Rakshitha) later.

Each of the three, are being taken for a royal ride by a don, caste-extremist & a loan shark respectively!

     How the trio meets up under challenging circumstances & rise in revolt against those who wronged them is the power packed rest narrated in as violent a manner possible!

Achu Rajamani’s music creates an impact but the same cannot be said of the director’s camera work!

The film does drive home a message or two but they get diluted in the proceedings punctuated by violence!

The climax is again carried away by Gautham Vasudev Menon & Samudrakani both of whom did the same at the start!