Produced by-Showboat Studios
Written & Directed by-Jai

Cast-Rajbharath, Thejaswini, A.P.Sreethar, Pooja Devariya, Amarendran, Vinod,Saiyath etc.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-103 minutes


Tamil cinema has certainly come of age! Especially after the arrival of a new breed of filmmakers like Jai who come up with scripts that is offbeat, treatment that is daringly different!

Rajbharath dominates the proceedings the proceedings on the merit of his towering personality & his onscreen chemistry with Thejaswini deserves mention! That particular song sequence involving both of them has been canned differently with the lighting effects creating a huge impact! The scene is sensuous but not erotic!

A.P.Sreethar, the well known artist who has created wonders through his sketches has come up with a fulfilling performance! The others in the cast too are adequate enough! 
The theme revolves around 4 criminals who had taken to their feet soon after stealing big double crossing a don in the bargain!

They take refuge in an isolated house atop a hilly terrain where an elderly man who belonged to a Zamindar clan lives with his young wife!

On expected lines, an affair springs up between Rathna (Rajbharath) & Bala (Thejaswini) while her aged away hunting!

When all looks well, the don lands up there, seeking vengeance! All hell breaks loose & finally the criminals open up a restaurant there, naming it Andhra Mess! With the owner of the house dead & gone for good, the love birds settle down as well!
The film is filled with well timed wisecracks that are filled with spice & nice to savour!