Produced by-Linga Bhairavi Creations

Written & Wielded by-Vallikanth

Cast-G.V.Prakash Kumar, Arthana Binu, Yogi Babu, Kovai Sarala, Mansoor Ali Khan, Sujatha etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-123 minutes


The film’s USP is its fun content as the lead man GVP has carried himself casually well, without a blemish! Yogi Babu steals the thunder with his well timed one-liners!
New find Arthana Binu looks cute and her performance is as cute!

Sujatha, playing the hero’s mother has offered a lot of support to the proceedings.
Mansoor Ali Khan does his part well as Attack Balu, the prefix standing not to refer to his violent ways of living but to denote the fact that he has been ‘attacked’ by stroke more than once!

 Kovai Sarala cuts a fine cameo as his better half!

Kuzhandai Velu(GVP) and his friends are involved in selling vegetables and other consumables. Kuzhandaivelu’s mom, Aaravalli(Sujatha) is very anxious to get him married but all the attempts of the mom and son fail to fructify as girls keep rejecting him!

Magizhini (Arthana), the daughter of Attack Balu (Mansoor Ali Khan) & Anthi Manthaarai (Kovai Sarala) agrees to marry him but problems crop up as her father decides to give up the alliance!

Kuzhanthai Velu & Magizhini manage to get married behind Balu’s back, aided by Anthi Manthaarai, Aaravalli & others and not before long a kid is born!
How Balu reconciles and recognises Kuzhanthai Velu as his son-in-law is the fun and tension filled rest!